The Uppsala Climate Protocol – A local climate agreement between the private and public sectors

The Uppsala Climate Protocol is a local network and a successful example of how the public and private sectors can work together to reduce Uppsala’s climate emissions.

In 2010, the City of Uppsala invited local actors operating in different sectors of society and in different industries to jointly take on the climate challenge. Today, the Uppsala Climate Protocol has grown to become an effective instrument in the work of achieving Uppsala's long-term climate goals. The network has 45 members, consisting of companies, public agencies, universities and associations.

The Uppsala Climate Protocol was inspired by the UN's work on its climate convention and today acts as a local Paris Agreement. The ambition for the Uppsala Climate Protocol is to take the lead in climate work and to be a model for other cities.


The Climate Protocol has since its start continuously reduced joint emissions of greenhouse gases. During the last programme period (2021-2024) the results showed a reduction in emissions by 22 percent in scope 1 and 2, and eight percent in total when including scope 3. 


The Climate Protocol's organisation and structure comprise several different working groups that work with organisation, guidance, process management and coordination.

The practical work of the Climate Protocol is concretised in different focus- and working groups. Currently, there are groups in these different areas: climate neutral buildings, energy, sustainable transportation, IT and communication. The network's focus- and working groups play an important role in collaboration, inspiration and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Environmental and management representatives from each member meet once a year for discussions and decision making at an annual meeting. Climate managers from each member meet four times a year for coordination, development and practical work. The City of Uppsala provides process management to guide and support cooperation in the Climate Protocol. There is also a steering committee, consisting of eight members. 


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